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Mikel Estrin: Performer / Instrumentalist / Leader / Composer, Arranger, Producer and Sound Engineer with over 20 years of performance experience on classical, traditional and ethnic instruments

frets, woodwinds, percussion, keyboards/synthesizers

Excellent sight reading and improvising in a wide variety of styles. 

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Mikel Estrin Instruments Currently On-Hand
- Eb Sopranino, Bb Soprano, C Soprano, Eb Alto, Bb Bass Clarinets
Albert system: C, B, Bb, G, Eb clarinets (all LP)
- Bb Soprano, Eb Alto, C Melody, Bb Tenor Saxophones
- open and closed hole concert Flute, C & Db and Eb piccolo(s), alto flute in G, oboe, bassoon, soprano & alto recorders, misc. flutes and whistles, kaval, blackwood albert flutes & piccolos, zurna, pipiza, gaida, taep yong so, pirkiri, ney, mey, native american flutes, occarinas, shakuhachi, nose flute, slide whistles, penny whistles, Heart family flute, diavlos
- Mandolins, oud, lute-o-lin, cumbuc, saz, baglama, soprano, concert, baritone & tenor ukulele, balalaika, domra, tambura, cavaquinho, autoharp, samisen, banjo, lap steel, zourna, gaida, ocarinas, lyra, dulcimer, harmonicas, guimbard
Keyboards & Percussion
- Synthesizers, keyboards, MIDI drums, dumbek, hand drums and shakers of all sizes, traps with full array of cymbals & percussion FX
Guitars & Bass
- Acoustic, electric and 12 string guitars from Gibson, Martin, Novax, Fender Strat/Roland MIDI guitar, fretless and fretted electric bass, fanfret guitars and bass,

ProTools with Focusrite Saffier Pro 40, Presonus Studio One 3, Digi002, ADAT, Sonar X3 Platinum, FL Studio, Sound Forge, Finale, Sibelius, Hard Disk Mac & Windows

Mikel on Tenor Sax
Performance / Composition Special Abilities & Qualifications
 - Fluent French and Modern Greek; conversational German and Italian; some Spanish.
 - Write, arrange, produce, sound design, perform, and engineer music.
 - BA magna cum laude in Music Composition/Education, Long Island University.
 - Post graduate work in Paris at the Sorbonne in Ethnomusicology, at the Conservatoire Nationale Superieur de Musique in Paris in electroacoustics, and studies at the Institute of Oriental Languages.
 - Post graduate work at UC Extension and Bay Area Video Coalition in film, video and multimedia
Composed and Produced music for "Audition Main Them"
what's up big band - Mikel on lead alto sax Mikel on lead Alto Sax
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