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tone poem by Mikel Estrin - TimeLords on Carnivale Street Timelords on Carnivale Street album
1 Sexyfone (Intro)

Mikel Estrin-tenor sax;

Clark Welsh-soprano sax; Barbara Deutsch-clarinet; Bill-flugelhom; Vincent–trombone; Roland Lawes-percussion; Sunpie Barnes-accordion

2 Carnavale

Mikel-lead guitar, tenor sax, percussion,

MIDI; Clark-acoustic guitar; Sunpie-Accordion; Roland-percussion; Vincent-trombone; Bill-trumpet

3 Circus Sea

Mikel-MIDI programming

4 El Dorado

Mikel-MIDI programming

5 Days of Awe

Mikel-MIDI programming

6 Ashkenaz

Mikel-tenor sax, MIDI; Clark-alto sax; Barbara-clar; Bill-flugelhorn; Vincent-trombone; Roland-percussion; Heys by Barbara, Jack, Clark & Mikel

7 Lizard

Barbara-clarinet solo, zyls; Mikel- guitars, dumbek, synth; Clark-bass, alto sax 
8 Hip Hop Hasapiko Reggae

Mikel-MIDI programming, guitar

9 Enchanted

Mikel-guitar, dumbek, bass, tenor sax; Clark-turkish flute, chinese oboe, guitar; Barbara-zyls; Roland-congas

10 Sexyfone

Mikel-tenor sax;Clark-soprano sax; Barbara-clarinet; Bill-flugelhorn; Vincent–trombone; Roland-percussion; Sunpie-accordion

11 Pablo's Tune

Mikel-clarinet, guitar, MIDI; Roland -Drum Programming

12 Friday Nite

Mikel-guitars, tenor sax,

MIDI; Clark-alto sax; Barbara-clar; Bill-flugelhom; Vincent–trombone; Roland-percussion
13 Paris Sous la Pluie

Mikel-Flute, El. Guitar, Tenor Sax, MIDI; Clark -Soprano Sax, El. Guitar

14 Vetti (bossa nova)

Mikel-flute, bass, percussion; Clark-guitar; Roland- percussion

15 Hanabera

Mikel-guitar, tenor sax, claves, MIDI; Clark-alto & soprano sax, guitar; Barbara-clarinet; Bill-flugelhom; Vincent –trombone; Roland-percussion

16 Rock Fish Moon

Mikel-guitars, alto sax, MIDI; Barbara-clarinet; Roland-percussion

17 It's The End

Mikel-harmonica, kazoo. guimbarde, recorder, guitar, tenor sax, MIDI; Clark-guitar, soprano sax, gaida; Barbara-clar; Roland~congas
- Produced by Ron Reaser & Mikel Estrin - Engineered by Ron Reaser
- Mixed by Ron Reaser, Mikel Estrin, Pierre Alardin & Yaron Fuchs
- Recorded at Sound of New Orleans, 8/91 - Mixed at La Doudingue in Belgium, by Pierre Alardin & Mikel Estrin 9/92 - ProTools mix by Yaron Fuchs & Mikel Estrin t East Side Sound, NY, 11/92 - Mastered by Mikel Estrin with Sound Forge(R) and Audacity(R) software 2009
Special Thanks to all who helped make this recording a reality: including the musicians, studios, Debbie Reaser, Sebastian Reaser, Ron's assistant Jack, and especially my dear friend Ron who was taken from us, and passed to the Great White Spirit before the album was completed.
©1992-2011 Mikel Estrin, All Rights Reserved.
click image for live recording of the What's Up Big Band with Mikel on lead alto sax
Mikel on lead alto sax What's Up Big Band
click image for live recording of the San Francisco Balalaika Ensemble

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