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Mikel Estrin: Performer / Instrumentalist / Leader / Composer, Arranger, Producer and Sound Engineer with over 20 years of performance experience on classical, traditional and ethnic instruments

frets, woodwinds, percussion, keyboards/synthesizers

Excellent sight reading and improvising in a wide variety of styles. 

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Mikel Estrin Instruments Currently On-Hand
- Eb Sopranino, Bb Soprano, C Soprano, Eb Alto, Bb Bass Clarinets
Albert system: C, B, Bb, G, Eb clarinets (all LP)
- Bb Soprano, Eb Alto, C Melody, Bb Tenor Saxophones
- open and closed hole concert Flute, C & Db and Eb piccolo(s), alto flute in G, oboe, bassoon, soprano & alto recorders, misc. flutes and whistles, kaval, blackwood albert flutes & piccolos, zurna, pipiza, gaida, taep yong so, pirkiri, ney, mey, native american flutes, occarinas, shakuhachi, nose flute, slide whistles, penny whistles, Heart family flute, diavlos
- Mandolins, oud, lute-o-lin, cumbuc, saz, baglama, soprano, concert, baritone & tenor ukulele, balalaika, domra, tambura, cavaquinho, autoharp, samisen, banjo, lap steel, zourna, gaida, ocarinas, lyra, dulcimer, harmonicas, guimbard
Keyboards & Percussion
- Synthesizers, keyboards, MIDI drums, dumbek, hand drums and shakers of all sizes, traps with full array of cymbals & percussion FX
Guitars & Bass
- Acoustic, electric and 12 string guitars from Gibson, Martin, Novax, Fender Strat/Roland MIDI guitar, fretless and fretted electric bass, fanfret guitars and bass,

Presonus Studio One 3, Studio Live 32 4 2 AI, Logic Pro X, ProTools, FL Studio, Sibelius, Hard Disk Mac & Windows

Mikel on Tenor Sax
Performance / Composition Special Abilities & Qualifications
 - Fluent French and Modern Greek; conversational German and Italian; some Spanish.
 - Write, arrange, produce, sound design, perform, and engineer music.
 - BA magna cum laude in Music Composition/Education, Long Island University.
 - Post graduate work in Paris at the Sorbonne in Ethnomusicology, at the Conservatoire Nationale Superieur de Musique in Paris in electroacoustics, and studies at the Institute of Oriental Languages.
 - Post graduate work at UC Extension and Bay Area Video Coalition in film, video and multimedia
Composed and Produced music for "Audition Main Them"
what's up big band - Mikel on lead alto sax Mikel on lead Alto Sax
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